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Our Guitar Store

Selling used & vintage guitars in Toronto. Browse our selection of vintage & used electric guitars, acoustic guitars, basses, amps & more, both on our online store & at our Toronto location . Located in Toronto’s downtown Queen West @ Sorauren Ave, our business grew from a passion of guitars and the music they help create.


We also buy guitars and amps that are broken, damaged or in need of repair.

used vintage guitars torontoOur guitar store also sells, trades and consigns vintage and used gear. We have a hand picked and well maintained selection of vintage and used guitars, basses, amplifiers and effects. All our prices are reasonable and often at or below retail market value. Here we believe the right instrument finds you, so come on in, take a look and try anything out in the store. This is not a museum. Make yourself at home and speak with our knowledgeable and unpretentious staff.

We have the lowest consignment rate in Toronto. Find out more about consignment here.

We also carry Strings, Parts, Cables, Straps, Stands, Tuners and many other instrument accessories. Brands that we carry include: D’addario, Dunlop, MXR, Electro-Harmonix, Ernie Ball, Levi’s, GHS, Planet Waves, Hossa, Allparts, Fender Parts, Gibson Parts, Pickup Wizard, Road Rage and much more.

WE SHIP WORLDWIDE! Find out more about our shipping policies here.

Used & Vintage Gear

Check out our inventory of used & vintage guitars, basses, amps & effects
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Guitar Repairs, Restorations & Mods

What if your guitar sounded, performed and felt as if it was an extention of your body and your own musical persona? Lil’Demon Guitars repair store in Toronto will make that a reality. Music is our life and we treat all stringed instruments like the heavenly vessels they are. Yes, we do repairs and mods, but we’re different than other Toronto guitar shops.

Our mission is to bring beautiful music in the world. As musicians and guitar techs.

For over a decade, we have established ourselves as one of the GTA’s foremost expert guitar repair facilities.


We also do guitar restoration work, finishes and modifications as well as AMPLIFIER REPAIRS.

We have serviced and sold to such artists including: Bare Naked Ladies, Jeff Healey, Foot in Coldwater, Parachute Club, Die Mannequin, April Wine, Chris DeBurgh, Cancer Bats and The Flatliners to name a few.

Located in Toronto’s downtown west-end, we welcome all guitar enthusiasts and their instruments. Our prices are competitive and we only charge for necessary repairs and modifications.

Our Services

Amp & Guitar Repairs

Lil’Demon Guitars Toronto repair store has over 13 years experience repairing acoustic and electric guitars. All our work is guaranteed and we have the quickest turnaround in Toronto. We offer competitive prices and the same week set-up.

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Guitar Modifications

We offer free consultations regarding modifications and will only recommend needed mods for your specific instrument and play style. Our Toronto guitar technicians are so confident in the quality of their work that we guarantee it or your money back.

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Guitar Restorations

As Toronto luthiers, it brings us great pleasure to take an old, beat up guitar and restore it to its original beauty. Visit our Repairs & Mods Portfolio and view some of our completed guitar restorations.

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