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Monday – CLOSED
Tuesday – 11 AM to 6 PM
Wednesday – 11 AM to 3 PM
Thursday – 11 AM to 6 PM
Friday – 11 AM to 3 PM (Hours may be extended. Please call)
Saturday – 12 PM to 6 PM
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Our prices are listed in Canadian Dollars on this website. Prices may be listed in U.S Dollars on Our exchange rates with other currencies are concurrent to the international exchange rate at the time of purchase.


We accept forms of payment as follows:

  1. Cash in person
  2. Verified Debit Card – Subject to $2.00 surcharge (in person only)
  3. Visa, Mastercard or AmEx
  4. Bank E-Transfer (contact us for bank transfer details)


We have sold many instruments and amplifiers in our store since 2012. We are continuing to expand our worldwide sales constantly. Our location is in one of Toronto’s most vibrant neighbourhoods, close to a high density of population of many musicians and artists. Our proximity to venerable music venues and Toronto’s music scene keeps our store in steady traffic of customers. As well as our online presence through our website, webstore and Facebook we are poised to sell your instrument efficiently.

Our formal consignment agreement will stipulate a selling price, commission rate, as well as any repairs or maintenance needed to make the instrument saleable.

We, as experts in the market will determine a selling price for your gear based on local and international market research and our own experience. An instrument priced competitively will generally sell faster than one priced higher in its’ retail price range.

OUR COMMISSION IS 14%. We will not consign instruments below a retail resale value of $500.00 CDN. Occasionally, we will make exceptions to this rule at our own discretion.

The instrument must remain on consignment in the store for a minimum of 30 days. Removal of the instrument from our store prior to 30 days will incur a 7% removal fee based on the agreed upon selling price before it is released to the consignor. Most instruments sell within 14 – 60 days.

The consignor is paid the sale price minus 14% commission a minimum of 3 days after sale.

We reserve the right to photograph and feature the instrument on our websites and media, or to display it in our storefront window.

Please contact us with any further questions pertaining to our consignment policy.


Locally purchased instruments and equipment are subject to a 3-day (72 hour) return policy. Some items are final sale at our discretion which customers will be notified of before purchase.

Shipped U.S and international purchases are FINAL SALE with certain exceptions. The buyer will pay all shipping expenses and insurance for the return of an item. *Please contact us with any questions regarding returns.

On strings, accessories and new items returns must be made within 30 days.

We do not accept returns on specifically ordered parts, components or other merchandise unless they are faulty from manufacture. Ordered parts and components are subject to a non-refundable 50% deposit upon ordering.


We ship worldwide through various couriers depending on destination and/or shipping concerns. We use Canada Post for most Canadian and U.S destinations. We will not ship any merchandise before full payment and shipping funds have cleared and have been deposited. BUYER WILL PAY ALL SHIPPING, INSURANCE AND TRACKING EXPENSES.