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Guitar Repairs in Toronto

guitar repair torontoDoes your instrument need a setup, wiring, new frets custom modifications or even a restoration? Feel those notes and get lost in it again with Lil’Demon Guitars’ repair shop in Toronto.We’re different than other Toronto Guitar Shops because we service your guitar with your own personal music and playing style in mind.

Regardless of the genre of music you play.. Rock, blues, jazz, fusion, metal, punk, bluegrass etc. All these styles and techniques require different set-ups for optimal play. We personalize your instrument to reflect the style and unique technique of the owner so when you play, your guitar works with you to bring you and your music closer to nirvana.

Whether you’re a novice, expert, master or genius, you’ll exit Lil’Demon Guitars repair shop sounding better than when you came in. 

Located in Toronto’s downtown west-end, we welcome all guitar enthusiasts and their instruments. Our prices are competitive and we only charge for necessary repairs and modifications.

We encourage you to play something to show us what’s wrong. Don’t worry – this isn’t American Idol. The issue may be user-related and we gladly take the time to find out. For instance, if you’re a heavy-handed player, you may need a different set-up or maintenance.

We also do expert, guaranteed amplifier and effects repairs. Pete Medvick our resident amp technician has been repairing, modifying and building guitar and bass amps and audio equipment for over 40 years.

Contact us to share your guitar or amp issue. With over sixteen years experience in guitar repairs and guitar mods, plus a personal commitment to high quality workmanship, it’s easy for us to guarantee all our work. Visit Lil’Demon Guitars repair shop in Toronto and leave your guitar with us. We’ll treat your acoustic, electric, bass or amplifier as if its our own.

Lil’Demon Guitars Toronto repair store has over 13 years experience repairing acoustic and electric guitars. All our work is guaranteed with the quickest possible turnaround. Setups are usually ready within a week.


The minimum $35 bench charge is absorbed into the cost if you choose to get the repair done at Lil’Demon Guitars. The regular bench rate is $60 per hour. Please refer to the table below for basic repair procedures and prices.

The following repair price list reflects labour only. Set-up is included for certain procedures and repairs but parts are not unless specified.

Regarding re-finish work and finish touch ups, we mostly do these procedures for custom builds and vintage restorations only. Please call us to inquire.

SET-UPS (strings extra) FRET DRESS NUTS
Acoustic – $75
Electric – $75
Floating Trem – $85
Bass – $75
12 String – $85
Floyd Rose – $90
Complete – $150 – $200
Minimum – $75
Glue & Reseat – $75
Dress Fret Ends – $75
Guitar & Bass (bone) – $85
12 String (bone) – $120
Synthetic (pre-slotted) – $45
Brass / Metal – $130
WIRING / PICKUPS ROUTING / WOODWORK REFRET (includes setup *nut extra)
Flat Rate – $75 p/hr
Acoustic w/ endpin – $80 + up
Flat Rate – $85 p/hr Complete – $360 + up
Partial – $30 per fret
Bound Fingerboard – $400 + up
Maple (satin finish) – $400 + up
Maple (gloss finish) – $460 + up
Broken Headstock – $85 + up
Top, Rim & Back – $70 + up
Brace Re-Glue – $70 + up
Neck Reset – $400 + up
Re-Glue Bridge – $150 + up
Bone – $70
Compensated Bone – $85
Synthetic Fitted – $35 + up
Retrofit – $35
w/ Modification – $65


REFINISHING – Please Inquire.

*Bench Charge – $35
*Estimate – n/c