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Here’s an impossibly rare and totally excellent semi built by fabled French builder Jacobacci in 1980.
It’s essentially a hand-built version of a Gibson ES-335, but with an ebony fingerboard, mahogany neck, walnut-laminated body, and a block that is half maple/half mahogany.
If you are looking for a high-end ES-335-style guitar, this is a great instrument to get, and you’ll be one of the very few people in the world with one of these.

There is one comprehensive source for info about Jacobacci, here:
It includes resale prices for Jacobacci instruments that have appeared on ebay and elsewhere. The guitar is a deal, and we’ve also discounted it a bit because the Bigsby B-12 (shown for fit – it’s currently without the B-12 in gold – we can get one and install it if you want, for an additional $225).

We’ll ship it anywhere in the world for whatever it costs, in an excellent-fitting, new Canadian-made archtop hardshell case (black tolex, red plush interior). The Jacobacci weighs XXX pounds, pretty much what an ES-335 weighs. The neck feels like a contemporary neck, with a xxx” nut width. It’s xxx” deep at the first fret and XXX” deep at the 12th fret.