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This is a rare, high-end amp in excellent condition. A few superficial scuffs (as shown in photos). 6L6 version. – Designed and built in 1997 in Germany, purchased in 2006 from the original owner. Used only a handful of times since 2008. – New Groove Tubes 6L6 power tubes (x4) installed in August 2018 and fully serviced by a certified technician in Toronto. – Includes original factory footswitch.

The Hughes & Kettner TriAmp MK1 is an amazingly versatile all-tube amplifier. It features three amps in one 100-watt head with two channels each, for a total of six unique amp sounds. I’ve played through Bogner, VHT and Soldano amps in the past and the TriAmp MK1 stacks up in every way (and, in my opinion, has more tonal versatility).

It also features an FX loop with a 10db buffer toggle, spring reverb (not available in the TriAmp MK2) and option to add midi module. It also has a Redbox DI built into the back of the amp, so you can run it directly out to the board live, or another output to blend in recording.

Amp 1: It’s like a classic clean Fender, you can push it a little and it breaks up beautifully for pristine, clean tones. Amp 2: This is your Marshall-like British tone setting with grit. Amp 3: This is your high gain, Bogner-like channel. It’s up there with some of the best high-gain amps ever built. Channel B is a beast.